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Case Study- V/Line Asset Inventory Update

Agonics delivers fast, comprehensive asset inventory across V/Line network




Regional Victoria


V/Line provides public transport services to Regional Victoria including regular train and bus services.
To support planning and maintenance activities V/Line decided to embark on
creating a comprehensive digital inventory of its assets across the Victorian regional broad gauge passenger and broad/standard gauge freight network. To obtain this asset inventory within strict project deadlines, V/Line sought assistance from the market place.

With extensive experience in network wide asset inventory creation, Agonics was selected to perform the project.
With a total track length of 3,300 km and with short project time frames, a network wide approach to data acquisition was required across two different rail gauges.
This involved mobilising equipment on different vehicle platforms and rapid
collection and processing of data to support asset extraction activities.


The agreed approach was to record LiDAR, 10 metre spaced 360-degree digital imagery, GPS & IMU data across passenger and freight networks using an integrated AIMS3D MLS solution deployed on V/Line owned rolling stock and hy-rail.
AIMS3D integrates LiDAR, panoramic imagery and inertial systems into a single solution for rail asset capture.
The AIMS3D solution was first mobilised on a V/Line P-Class (P-12) locomotive to record the passenger lines. A second and third mobilisation were carried out on two V/Line hyrails to record the broad and standard gauge freight lines respectively.

Upon completion of field capture all data was backed up onto AWS secure storage hosted in Sydney. After post-processing by the Agonics team, AIMS3D aligned the processed laser data with the panoramic imagery to produce the 3Dspherical image so that every pixel within the image that is <20m from the camera will have a real-world absolute coordinate. Imagery and LiDAR datasets were then made available through an easy to use browser service, AIMS3D Viewer. Using both desktop and cloud-based processes, the Agonics team extracted the dataset deliverables required by V/Line, supplemented with JD Edward’s (existing asset content) matching reports and project accuracy statements.


• The Agonics methodology ensured that tight recording schedules were met through rapid deployments of Equipment on three different vehicles

• The project work flows ensured that a high volume of features could be delivered to V/Line and to a very high standard including 24,000 assets matched to a JD Edwards extract of 70,000 assets so that legacy datasets
could be preserved

• Extensive QA activities throughout the project from data acquisition to data processing and through to final data delivery ensured a high quality outcome to the the customer

• Final deliverables included an asset geodatabase, track centrelines, a DEM, survey accuracy reports, digital imagery and point cloud data

• The Agonics approach ensured that the entire project was delivered within an agreed 4 month time frame from start to finish.