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Optimising the network integration of new trains

New train fleet purchases are considered to be one of the most strategically important investments that railway networks can make.

This is why, with many factors to consider, railway buyers should choose manufacturers that can deliver the right product for their network at a reasonable cost and within a reasonable timeframe, to successfully phase out aging fleets that are no longer fit for purpose for today’s public transport users.

Considerations such as total cost of ownership, ease of operation, and disability compliance must be expertly weighed up to land at the right investment decision.

Get to know the Agonics Team: Meet Leonard Gouzin

August 2023 As part of our ongoing series to familiarise you with the faces behind Agonics, today we’re profiling our new team member Leo. Holding a pivotal role in our company, Leo’s expertise in LiDAR capture, processing, and analysis, as well as his recent tenure as an Elevation Specialist at Land Use Victoria, makes him…
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TasRail Undertakes Network Wide MLS Project

May 2022 Our team has recently completed an MLS recording campaign across the TasRail network, following on from a previous campaign carried out some years ago. The MLS project will give TasRail up-to-date imagery and LiDAR datasets across approximately 630 km of the freight network. Agonics will also be undertaking downstream processing and analysis of…
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Agonics Insight – Getting Actionable Information from LiDAR Data

October 2021 There is little doubt that LiDAR is playing an increasingly important role in day-to-day rail maintenance and planning. In Australia we see a strong desire amongst our rail clients to leverage LiDAR more in their business, but LiDAR datasets alone are only part of the story. We asked Agonics Technical Director, David Presley,…
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Case Study | Sydney Trains

Agonics experts accelerate the adoption of LiDAR in routine maintenance on Australian railway network.

Case Study – McConnell Dowell

Agonics delivers critical infrastructure design in support of the Inland Rail North- East Line upgrade

Case Study – MTM Whole of Network MLS

Agonics delivers network wide imagery, LiDAR and derived digital datasets to support MTM operations and new track recording car commissioning

Case Study – TASRAIL Network Asset Survey

MLS survey across the TasRail network delivers critical digital datasets and clearance reports for TasRail systems.

Case Study – UGL Regional Linx

XERRA platform promotes detailed understanding of asset condition on NSW Country Rail Network (CRN)

Case Study – Wabtec Corporation

Comprehensive tracks database supports deployment of Trip Optimiser software on Pacific National fleet