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LiDAR & Imagery for Engineering Compliance

LiDAR & Imagery for Engineering Compliance

Many rail organisations see a role for the periodical collection and processing of high-resolution imagery and LiDAR across their networks to support engineering and regulatory compliance activities. However, to achieve success you will need the right data as well as process clarity.

Agonics works with leading rail agencies to translate complex rail engineering requirements into workflows that underpin their engineering compliance activities. We employ strict quality control processes and full requirements traceability to all our services.

Our LiDAR and Imagery for Engineering Compliance services deliver periodical and customised services and reports on your infrastructure and rollingstock.

  • Track centres clearances
  • Platform height and offset studies
  • Structure gauge clearance studies
  • Rolling stock kinematic clearance studies
  • Ballast profile measurement
  • OHW height and stagger
  • New infrastructure placement studies

By leveraging the speed and power of cloud computing we are able to integrate seamlessly with your existing maintenance and engineering practises so that your resources can focus on critical repair and inspection activities and spend less time on low value repetitive tasks. The added benefits are less time spent in the danger zone thus improving the safety profile for maintenance activities.

We offer customers a broad range of services to assist them with engineering compliance

  • Proof of concept studies and assessments
  • Network wide data collection and processing services
  • Customised reporting to meet engineering and statutory requirements
  • Integration with existing maintenance and engineering practises.
  • Clearance measurement system and software supply