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Lift, Sift and Shift for Asset Information

Driven by a commitment to excellence in rail asset management we have developed a new three-phase process that is designed to enhance the quality and reliability of asset information within the PASS Assets system.

At the core of this process are three steps: Lift, Sift, and Shift.

1. Lift: The first step is to extract data from PASS Assets. This foundational step ensures that the current asset information serves as the baseline for enhancement.

2. Sift: We then shift our focus to a thorough analysis of the PASS Assets extract. Here we identify and rectify any disparities or gaps, paving the way for a robust and consistent asset database.

3. Shift: In the third step we update and realign the data to mirror the true state of the infrastructure. This alignment is critical in reflecting real-world changes and to support decision making at stakeholder organisations.

Implementing this process using the latest geo-imagery and LiDAR data of Victoria’s Rail Network will enhance the quality of asset information that resides in the PASS Assets system. By employing a systematic process to maintaining the currency of asset information we establish higher standards of accuracy and reliability in railway decision making.

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