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West Coast Wilderness Railway Project

In May 2024, the Agonics team achieved a unique milestone by successfully capturing LiDAR data and imagery along the 35km stretch of the West Coast Wilderness Railway (WCWR) amidst the captivating rainforest of Tasmania’s west coast, from Strahan to Queenstown.

The WCWR, one of the rare operational rack and pinion railways, features a distinctive third central rail with vertical teeth engaging cog wheels beneath the locomotive. The historical significance and innovative engineering of this railway made the project particularly interesting for our team.

In response to this project’s unique challenges, we used our advanced Mobile Laser System (MLS), which integrates LiDAR technology with high-resolution panoramic imagery. This approach allowed us to capture a comprehensive colourised point cloud and imagery dataset.

Our solution provides a detailed dataset accessible in our XERRA viewing platform. This dataset includes important track parameters such as gradient, radius, and track centreline data, offering a detailed digital representation of the railway. The project’s results are designed to support TasRail and WCWR in maintaining and safely operating this beautiful and unique railway.

While primarily a tourist attraction, the WCWR’s historical significance and engineering marvel require careful maintenance and oversight. Our work aims to help TasRail and WCWR preserve the railway’s legacy and functionality for future generations. We are proud to support the preservation and safe operation of this iconic railway, enhancing the capabilities of TasRail and WCWR with our LiDAR solutions.