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DOT Road over Rail Bridges Investigation

XERRA Cloud automates Road over Rail Bridges Investigation


Department of Transport (DOT) Victoria


Melbourne, Australia


The Victorian Department of Transport (DoT) is a key stakeholder in the state’s “Big Build” initiative.  To support the long-term maintenance of billions of dollars of new infrastructure under construction, the DoT has developed an ETNA (Effective Transfer of New Assets) works program being facilitated by AECOM. 

Road-over-rail bridges are a special category of ETNA assets that commonly interface with local government, road authority and multiple rail authorities that service passenger and freight networks within Victoria. As an approved supplier of geospatial asset information to the Department, Agonics has been engaged to prepare an authoritative database of road-over-rail bridges.


The team at Agonics has captured an extensive MLS (Mobile Laser Scanning) library across the Victorian rail network that is ideally suited as the primary source for a bridge feature extraction exercise.  Using its XERRA LiDAR cloud solution to identify and coordinate bridge assets, Agonics will prepare a database of bridge locations and attribute details that AECOM and the Department will use to supplement the ETNA response.  

Validations against existing asset management systems will be performed using the Agonics match/no-match toolset and sites where a single road-over bridge supports multiple track gauges will be identified.  The XERRA solution will also support vertical and horizontal clearance measurements under key bridges that may be identified by the DoT.


  • A comprehensive road-over-rail bridge database will be established for the ETNA project
  • More than 300 unique bridge assets will have been identified by project completion

  • By utilising the XERRA LiDAR cloud solution and existing MLS datasets the project can be completed in a matter days
  • By reusing MLS datasets the DOT can leverage the economy of scale that MLS datasets provide for infrastructure projects.