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Foundation Datasets

Foundation Datasets

With railway networks embracing digital technologies to increase capacity on their networks, they require accurate digital datasets that describe the network model in terms of its curvature, gradient and assets. With such foundation datasets often in analogue form and siloed within the rail organisation, digital systems implementations will require a fundamental rethink of terms of how this data is collected, maintained and accessed as the network changes over time.

Agonics has worked with many rail businesses over the years to deliver foundation linear reference datasets and network model files to power a range of systems including digital systems such as European Train Control System (ETCS) and Advanced Train Management System (ATMS). The underlying principles of a solid network wide data capture followed by stringent quality assurance processes ensure a highly accurate and repeatable outcome.

Our clients demand accuracy and timeliness in the delivery of foundation datasets to power digital systems and to support the design of major track upgrades.

Our services provide a range of options depending on where your project is at:

  • Proof of concept studies and assessments
  • Network-wide data collection and processing services
  • Preparation of curve and grade datasets and accurate track centrelines
  • Feature extraction of reference assets per track code
  • Dataset maintenance services.

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