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Track Worker Safety with Digital Line of Sight Measurements

At the recent ASPECT conference in Melbourne, we fielded lots of questions on different use cases for LiDAR. One particular use case that resonated with attendees was Track Worker Line of Sight Measurement using LiDAR.

In railway operations, ensuring the safety of every worker at every worksite is a top priority. A critical factor in planning any worksite is understanding what the existing line of sight to oncoming trains is at that worksite’s location.

While most possession planning occurs with 2D drawings and plans, it is the 3D field of view that reveals the true nature of the terrain and infrastructure built on it. To enhance safety in worksite planning it is now possible to perform Line of Sight assessments within our XERRA platform at any location on the rail corridor, establishing an exciting new use case for LiDAR datasets.

With the ability to render any vehicle outline within the LiDAR point cloud, XERRA provides a dynamic and responsive tool for Line of Sight analysis. This allows for scenario simulations based on different train speeds and sizes, offering an auditable, quality assured approach to possession planning.

The new approach will save time and resources by streamlining possession planning and reducing the need to manually validate sighting distances in the field.