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Get to know the Agonics Team: Meet Leonard Gouzin

August 2023

As part of our ongoing series to familiarise you with the faces behind Agonics, today we’re profiling our new team member Leo.

Holding a pivotal role in our company, Leo’s expertise in LiDAR capture, processing, and analysis, as well as his recent tenure as an Elevation Specialist at Land Use Victoria, makes him an invaluable asset to our team. Curious about his passion for the rail industry and what drove him to Agonics, we asked Leo to share his insights. Here’s what he had to say:

I bring a pragmatic approach to geospatial operations, coupled with diverse expertise in mobile and aerial LiDAR, topography, and location intelligence. In my recent tenure as an Elevation Specialist at Land Use Victoria, I oversaw LiDAR data acquisition and developed tools to ensure quality elevation data used for effective forest management, hydrology assessments, urban planning, and resource extraction.

Why did I choose to work in Agonics:

Drawing from my past experiences with LiDAR applications in railway projects, I am excited about the railway industry’s role in sustainable transportation. By joining Agonics, I am committed to facilitating the delivery of accurate and high-resolution LiDAR data to our clients, empowering them to optimise their network management. Just ask anyone who’s seen my playlist – it’s full of train songs, so you could say I’m on the right track.”.

Leo’s recent projects:

I have worked on various rail mobile LiDAR processing projects covering Queensland Rail and Sydney Trains as well as managing over 50,000km2 of aerial LiDAR acquisition for the Victorian government and its Geelong fast rail project.