Melbourne and Sydney AU

Tom Martin, our engineering undergraduate at Monash

Tom Martin


“I joined Agonics because I wanted to get some practical, real-world experience relevant to my degree.

When I first started at Agonics, I did not really know that much about surveying on rail networks, but the team at Agonics has made it fun to learn about how such projects operate while offering very helpful real-world experience.

The projects that I have worked on have involved the use and processing of LiDAR data, primarily through the XERRA software, which Agonics has built specifically for rail measurement and reporting, and this has been very interesting to learn about and work with. 

I feel that the work I am doing at Agonics will be very beneficial to my development as an engineer, and I will be more comfortable working with engineering software packages, which are so critical as everything is going digital. I am also benefitting by learning how projects are set up and run so that they can be successfully completed”.

Tom’s relevant projects:

  • Metro Trains Melbourne (MTM) Whole of Network LiDAR Survey
  • V/Line Whole of Network LiDAR Survey
  • SEPA Level Crossing Removal Project – EACR preparation.