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XERRA Cloud automates Road over Rail Bridges Investigation

February 2022

As an approved supplier of geospatial asset information to the Victorian Department of Transport, Agonics has been engaged to prepare an authoritative database of road-over-rail bridges. To do this project Agonics will leverage its extensive MLS (Mobile Laser Scanning) library across the Victorian rail network as well as its in house XERRA LiDAR cloud solution to automate the investigation as much as possible including validations against existing asset management systems. More than 300 unique bridge assets will have been identified by project completion.

Xerra Rail LiDAR Map
Xerra Rail LiDAR Map

Data processing by Agonics has allowed Coleman Rail and its track consultants to calculate the track modulus at each site; this information will be used to assess the extent of work required and associated costs to lift sections of the Victorian rural rail network to a higher track class.

Two pilots studies of the Agonics deflection solution were completed at Williamstown and Wyndham Vale stabling yard utilising a range of track vehicles and under day/night conditions before embarking on the mainline scope. Once mobilised, the team negotiated a wide range of site conditions while navigating the frequent changes to COVID19 working restrictions during Victoria’s current outbreak.