Melbourne and Sydney AU

UGL Regional Linx project on NSW Country Regional Network (CRN)

Recently, UGL Regional Linx (UGLRL) partnered with Agonics to deliver the critical datasets needed to support UGRL’s goal to enhance the safety and efficiency of Country Regional Network (CRN) operations across New South Wales. This extensive network, crucial for connecting Sydney with regional centres, spans over 2,386 kilometres of operational rail lines and is vital for passenger and freight services.

In response, we deployed our advanced Mobile Laser System (MLS), integrating the latest LiDAR technology with high-resolution panoramic imagery to perform a whole of network survey. This innovative approach by UGLRL mitigates the risks and costs traditionally associated with rail corridor maintenance, allowing for remote inspection and infrastructure measurement directly from desktop computers.

The project’s datasets provide UGLRL with the fundamental network information needed to assess and approve freight train movements across specific corridors, ensuring that freight movements critical to the region could proceed safely. The new MLS datasets have already been added to our XERRA LiDAR visualisation platform lifting the platform’s coverage to an impressive 20,300 KM of railway track in Australia. This expansion enables more comprehensive rail data analytics and management capabilities at our client networks. We are pleased to welcome UGLRL as new XERRA users.