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XERRA – a better way to analyse LiDAR for rail engineering compliance

XERRA is a leading LiDAR processing and analysis platform that can consume any industry standard LiDAR dataset for rail network work wide analysis and reporting.

XERRA was created to address industry demands to automate inspections of rail infrastructure to relieve pressure on maintenance crews and reduce total time spent in the danger zone.

XERRA uses machine learning algorithms to quickly analyse rail infrastructure and inform more predictive maintenance practises.

Rapid Reporting on Rail Infrastructure

By leveraging the scalability and processing speed of AWS, XERRA compresses the time between acquisition of point cloud datasets and the delivery of actionable information to engineers and managers.

Albury Platform 1

Proven Workflows


XERRA contains proven workflows that support the rapid generation of compliance reports on railway infrastructure.

XERRA workflows are designed to meet infrastructure inspection intervals stipulated in technical maintenance plans.

By using XERRA, rail networks can finally incorporate data into day-to-day routine maintenance thus extracting real value from LiDAR dataset collected on their networks.

Typical Use Cases

Benefits of XERRA

  • Track centres measurement
  • Track alignment measurement
  • Platform height and offset assessment
  • Structure gauge encroachments
  • Tunnel clearances
  • Vegetation clearances
  • Rolling stock kinematic clearances
  • Ballast conformance reporting
  • OHW height and stagger.

  • Automate inspections of rail infrastructure
  • Automate extraction of alignment and string data
  • Utilise any industry standard LiDAR dataset
  • Network configurable workflows and reports
  • Leverage machine learning algorithms
  • Rapid report delivery
  • Comply with technical maintenance plans.